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Water Fountains

Exalted Fountains offers a wide variety of water fountain styles that can be used both indoor and outdoor areas. Here at We have always adhered to a quality ethic, so we only offer quality fountains that will last for years to come and outlast many of the less expensive fountains on the market today. Fountains come in all shapes and sizes, the water displayed in a myriad of styles, from the soft trickle of a small indoor fountain to the cascading flow of an outdoor waterfall. Water fountains are one of the most effective visual and auditory additions you can add to your space. The sights and sounds of water promote relaxation, help to cleanse the air and make stunning artistic statements that reflect your personal style and taste. The soothing sounds of running water from a fountain create a tranquil backdrop for your family room, office, or bedroom. Water fountains are available in a broad range of designs for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Indoor Fountains

Imagine your home turned into a peaceful refuge by the calming sound and shimmering sight of falling water. A beautiful indoor fountain updates your home decor and water fountains make a great conversation piece. Indoor water features in the office can help relax employees, boost morale, increase productivity and make the work setting more enjoyable to spend time in. Today's modern technology makes using indoor fountains safe and effective. More then ever, current fountain designs are made to complement modern building styles. With a wide arrange of color choices, frame materials and natural materials it is possible to install a flowing fountain into your home that blends in with the current decor. Available in hundreds of designs, materials and sizes, our complete line of indoor fountains will please the ears, delight the eyes and soothe the soul.

Outdoor Fountains

Fountains for outdoor areas have been a staple of effective landscape and garden design throughout history. Water has always been a life affirming element. Most of the human body is composed of water and having pools and streams present nearby was a sign of plenty and indicate a means to cultivate crops which give us food. Outdoor fountains make an elegant statement about a home by creating a pleasing and welcoming ambiance. A water feature can improve your lifestyle by making your outdoor areas more accessible and enjoyable. Water fountains are always a nice touch to any yard and can quickly add elegance to a garden. According to Feng Shui, having a fountain outside is thought to bring good luck, energy and wealth to the land and those who live nearby.

Traditional Fountains

Fountains in traditional styles have historically been some of the most popular items. Traditional styles are particularly applicable to garden varieties since the indoor fountain line, including wall mounted and free standing waterfalls, are relatively recent innovations that have not established themselves as traditional styles yet. The traditional fountain styles are made using traditional techniques that help ensure quality and also help continue a time honored tradition in fountain making.

Contemporary Fountains

The contemporary styles include select products in the stock fountain offerings from the Exalted Fountains wall, tabletop and garden fountain catalogs. Contemporary is what is in fashion at the present time so we find many popular products in Stainless Steel and mirror elements which match the decor of many newly built office structures and residential condominium buildings paired with traditional stone materials like slate and marble.

Modern Fountains

Modern fountain styles are available through the custom fountain division. By definition the truly modern designs are novel innovations that are nearly one-of-a-kind items that have never been seen before or tested in the marketplace. Modern fountains include floating water walls, sculptures with subjective abstract shapes that stimulate the imagination and the use of lighting and sound as increasingly active elements in the overall design.

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